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    Customer Stories

    Thousands of game developers and publishers trust PatchKit. Discover a few of our customers and how we help them build a successful game distribution channel.

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    Strengthen your community engagement

    Indie developer and publisher, tinyBuild, utilizes PatchKit to distribute Cartel Tycoon and strengthen their community engagement by allowing them to closely interact with their players.

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    Gain control over distribution

    PatchKit empowers Rec Room to operate an independent distribution channel, allowing them to have complete control over what and how their sizable player base is exposed to.

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    Connect with any audience

    Educational software providers trust PatchKit’s independent distribution platform to reach audiences without the constraints of closed platforms like Steam.

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    Simple, fast and effective testing

    Bossa Studios UK used PatchKit to distribute its Bossa Presents initiative. Delivering multiple prototypes to their community, allowing them to gather valuable feedback quickly and easily.

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    Play and earn with Moxy

    Moxy uses our launcher to integrate with their API and authentication system, allowing players to upload games and participate in play-to-earn game types. Players can earn rewards for logging time on their favorite games and compete for bigger rewards in paid game modes.

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    Reliable, commission-free distribution for your game

    Bat Cave Games trusted PatchKit to deliver their FPV drone racing simulator to the world, avoiding high commissions and lack of target audience on Steam. Our pipeline helped them reduce issues and refunds.

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    Efficient custom solutions for your game

    Ore Forge trusted PatchKit to design, implement and deploy their world-class Web3 marketplace and game launcher in record time, thanks to our unparalleled efficiency in providing custom solutions.

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    Streamline user authentication for your game

    Geopoly, a multiplayer capitalist metaverse game, uses PatchKit's launcher to manage and authenticate users with seamless integration of Google, Facebook and Apple.

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    Create a decentralised marketplace

    Distribution platform HashUp commissioned PatchKit to develop their core multiplatform launcher, which includes user authentication through both MetaMask and WalletConnect.

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    Scale your game to any level

    Starborne: Sovereign Space, listed as one of PCGamesN's top 4X strategy games, is delivered to its expansive playerbase by PatchKit. No matter the size of your game, PatchKit can handle it.

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    Simplify internal testing

    Visionary Realms used PatchKit to greatly simplify the process of internally distributing their game Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen during development, making testing phase a breeze.

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    Safe distribution for all ages

    Eduweb trusted PatchKit to provide a safe way to distribute their educational game WolfQuest to children who don't meet Steam's minimum user age requirement. Our platform allows you to reach audiences of all ages with ease.

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    Nurture your playerbase throughout development

    Eleventh Hour Games used PatchKit to distribute Last Epoch after their successful Kickstarter campaign. By avoiding exposing the game to a broader audience too early, they were able to retain their early players right through development, without disrupting their playerbase.

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