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Reaching the audience of non-Steamers

  • Education
  • VR
  • Self-publishing

Check how independent distribution helps educational software providers reach their audience

Reducing the number of client issues and refunds through a standalone launcher

  • Flying Simulator
  • Self-publishing
  • Online Multiplayer
See how our technology delivers cross-platform simulators to players.

Keeping the early-gamers in before the big release

  • Hack and Slash
  • Kickstarter
  • Early Access

Check how our tool helps Kickstarter'd games grow their audience.

Serving a full spectrum of the audience through a standalone launcher

  • Education
  • Self-publishing
  • For the Kids
Learn how PatchKit enables the delivery of educational content to children under 13.
1200+ Active Clients
50+ Petabytes of Distributed Data
Worldwide availability

Over the years, we've provided an easy and unique way to deliver game content to the players.

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