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    Our adventure with launching ORE-Forge.com project

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    First contact

    The beginnings of our cooperation with ORE System date back to November 2021, when they contacted us with a question regarding a launcher for their new website, ORE-Forge.com, which will consist of games and other NFT items. Their goal was to create a launcher through which you can log in via MetaMask. ORE-Forge.com is a blockchain platform that empowers NFT technology to develop and host digital assets. With this partnership, ORE System will be able to launch their platform while integrating PatchKit’s launcher, which will make it possible for users to publish and sell their games on the Ethereum and BSC blockchains.

    The beginning of our work

    First things first: as our first client needed a MetaMask solution, we had to research and approach the topic individually. Within a few days, we already knew everything we needed to integrate MetaMask with the PatchKit launcher properly.

    We started by helping with the backend code to release a working version that is compatible with PatchKit. This was an exciting challenge, particularly when our orders were usually limited to creating new things. &&We always try to be as flexible as possible with our customers, so there was no reason to disagree.** We delegated some of the team, and before the end of 2021, ORE-Forge.com was integrated with PatchKit, and the system itself gained a launcher with MetaMask wallet support.

    Further work on the project

    With the first implementation of the backend, this helped establish a relationship of trust with ORE System’s team. This led to another order for further developing the frontend and backend systems around ORE System’s blockchain technology and architecture. This time our solutions were to use serverless technology running on Amazon Web Services. We have experience with these types of projects, especially when the height of scalability of the solution is needed. Technologically, we used a similar stack as the PatchKit service and its microservices is using. All this has been seasoned with a pinch of WEB3 technology and the experience of the ORE-Forge.com team. Thus, we managed to create something amazing together that we’re really proud of!

    What is the technology of this project?

    The whole technology is based on blockchain, NFT, and Smart Chain network. Blockchain and NFT are the buzzwords of the moment. They are often used in the same sentence, but what do they really mean, and how do they work? The blockchain is a public ledger that records digital transactions. It is decentralized, meaning there is no central authority like a bank or government. Instead, all transactions are verified by multiple nodes on the network.

    NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, meaning each token has unique properties; it cannot be substituted with another token. These tokens can represent anything from ownership of an item to a virtual currency or even an in-game achievement. NFTs can be traded on a secondary market called an exchange, where they can be bought and sold just like stocks or any other asset.

    New possibilities

    This case firmly introduced us to the subject of blockchains, NFT, and Web 3.0, opening up new possibilities for our launcher. Furthermore, we have gained the unique experience of combining a PatchKit launcher with MetaMask, alongside NFT and blockchain solutions.

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