General Questions

What I can use PatchKit for?

If you have an application or a game that you need to deliver to any number of people, PatchKit may be the way to go. It makes sure that anybody who gets the Launcher, is able to download, upgrade and run your app. Good PatchKit use-cases include public self-publishing, internal testing or limited distribution. PatchKit gives you control over who, when and how gets hands on your software. What’s more, we don’t interfere with your business model. That means no sales commissions, ever.

What I cannot use PatchKit for?

PatchKit is not a store; you cannot sell anything directly through our website. Being said, you still can sell your software if you decide to use a third-party payment provider on your website.

Can I use PatchKit for free?

Yes, you can register and use your account for 30 days or unless you exceed the bandwidth limit set for free accounts (more info). If you’re an indie developer or a student, you can apply for a free account with better parameters.

How can I get started?

The first step is to register a free account. When you have one, just create a new application on the panel and upload your files using our version upload form. Publish it by using a button and download automatically-generated launcher file which you can share with anyone you like. You may find more information in our Getting Started article.

How can I share my PatchKit application with anyone?

Once your application is published, you can download your private Launcher application by using "Get Launcher" button on your app’s page. Share it with anyone you like.

What CDN PatchKit is based on?

PatchKit is based on our internal CDN implementation powered by Amazon Web Services and DigitalOcean services. Thanks to that, we’re able to provide a top tier performance at the lowest possible price.

Technical Questions

What sort of applications or game engines are supported?

We support any application and game engine that is capable of generating an EXE (Windows), Application Bundle (OSX), or ELF Executable (Linux) files. That includes Unity, Unreal Engine, Game Maker, Godot and many other development tools on the market. If you’re unsure if your application will work with PatchKit, go ahead and try it for free.

My application requires an installation wizard. How to get one?

Currently, PatchKit does not generate any installation wizards for applications. Instead, it’s providing a zip file including necessary launcher files. You can easily bundle these files within any installation wizard on the market. We recommend using Inno Setup as it is a free and easy solution to bundle a setup.exe for Windows.

What happens if I exceed the bandwidth on my account?

All your applications will be available for anyone to download as usual. What happens next depends on the plan you’re on.

  1. For a Evaluation plan, we will get in touch with you about upgrading your account to a higher plan.
  2. For the paid plans, you’re protected by the Spike Guard. When its protection is depleted, you will be charged as for Pay As You Go plan. This may be different if you have a custom pricing offer prepared for you.

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