• cloud hosted

    We take care of hosting your files, so you can focus on making your game.

  • Automated builds

    PatchKit integrates into your build pipeline for fast and easy distribution.

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  • White label

    Completely customize the design of your launcher: PatchKit is invisible to your players.

  • Rapid delivery

    We host fast, reliable servers around the world to get your game to your players as quickly as possible.

  • Game laucher

    The launcher downloads your game and ensures that your player's files are up to date and in working order.

  • Web interface

    Your PatchKit account is completely managed through our friendly and intuitive web interface.

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  • Console tools

    Upload your game's content from the command-line.

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  • License Keys

    Limit access to your game using pre-generated license keys.

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  • Fault-tolerant

    Our private P2P network automatically self-recovers, so your game is always available.

  • Secure

    AES-encrypted data with content-unique keys.

  • Multiplatform

    PatchKit fully supports Windows, OSX and Linux.

  • Free tier

    Join and use PatchKit for free!

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    Game Launcher

    The launcher is all players need for downloading your game and keeping it up to date. It's also completely customisable, so you can easily match it to your title or company!


    Fully customizable

    Simply download the source files and you can customise your launcher using Unity's UGUI system.


    Don't ask your players to wait! Our launcher downloads and updates your game as quickly as possible.



    Any changes you make to the launcher will be received by your players instantly! There's no need for them to download the new version.


    At only 10 MB, the launcher is incredibly responsive no matter what platform it's on.




    Download Warsow using PatchKit

    Try it out and download Warsow from our servers. All you need to download is a few-megabyte sized launcher file. The launcher will download the rest of the game content.

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    Start for free

    Get things off the ground with PatchKit's free plan, and when you're ready you can simply upgrade your account.

    No contracts

    Get started without providing your billing details. At the beginning of each month you will receive a bill regarding your monthly usage.


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