Build your unique Launcher

Engage your players on Windows, OSX, and Linux with a high-quality, customizable launcher. It's based on the Chromium, so you can use any modern web technology on the market. Comes with user behavior analytics and allows multiple games in a single app.

Compatible with Steam and Epic Games Store

Works great with Steam and Epic Games Store games, giving your community a great way to engage even more than before.

Check The Launcher

Cartel Tycoon Game Launcher

Save time with automated content distribution

Getting started with PatchKit is easy. Simply zip your game files, upload it via Dashboard and let PatchKit do all the rest.

Explore The Panel

PatchKit Panel Automation

Sell games globally

Enable the payment gateway and receive payments from all over the world with minimal commission. We integrate with any payment provider on the market.


Simple Pricing

Pay only for what you use. Plan your expenses with easy and understandable pricing. Don't risk and try PatchKit for free for 30 days!

Pricing starting at $9/mo.

Forever free accounts for indie developers and students.

PatchKit in Numbers

Over 50,000,000 downloads

This is the number of download requests, and counting has been successfully handled by PatchKit services.

Hosting over 50,000 GiB files

PatchKit servers currently hold over 50,000 GiB of game files that are continuously deployed to the players.

Saved over 40,000 TiB of data transfer

Our patch creation algorithm has saved over 40,000 TiB of data transfer by serving size-optimized binary diff files directly to the players.

Over 40 servers in 12 data-centers

Our infrastructure consists of over 40 servers in 12 different data centers worldwide to ensure high availability and high performance to both our clients and players.

User by over 2,000 game developers

Over 2,000 game developers have trusted PatchKit as their deployment primary platform of choice. Learn more about out clients!

Countless of hours spared

Creating an account and deploying your first application on PatchKit takes no longer than 5 minutes. Do not longer waste your time and resources. It just works!

Evaluate for free for 30 days!

The PatchKit platform delivers your game to the players, and let you focus on the development.

Easy set-up. No credit card required.

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