• cloud hosting

    All your game files are stored on our servers.

  • Build automation

    Integrate it with your build pipeline for fast and easy builds.

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  • Whitelabel

    Customize the design of launcher the way you want it. PatchKit is invisible for your players.

  • Rapid delivery

    Don't ask your players to wait. Get the fastest game delivery possible.

  • Game laucher

    Downloads game files, updates to latest version, verifies integrity.

  • Web interface

    Use PatchKit with easy and intuitive web interface.

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  • Console tools

    Upload your game content from the command-line.

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  • License Keys

    Limit the access to your game using pre-generated license keys.

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  • Fault-resistant

    Working as a CDN without a single point of failure. Private P2P network.

  • Secure

    AES-encrypted data with content-unique keys.

  • Multiplatform

    We're supporting Windows, OSX and Linux operating systems.

  • Free tier

    Join and use PatchKit for free!

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    Game Launcher

    Launcher is the only thing your game needs in order to get downloaded and updated. Customize the launcher the way you want to match your title!


    Fully customizable

    Get the sources and customize the launcher using Unity UI.


    Downloads and upgrades the game in fastest possible manner. Don't ask your players to wait.



    Make a change to the launcher and your players will get it right away! No need to ask the to download the new version.


    Launcher is only 10 MB download. It works fast on any PC or Mac.


    Getting Started

    It's easy and free!

    Patchkit open beta gives you the storage you need and the whole infrastructure completely for free! All we want is your feedback. Please try it out and reach us whenever you will feel like it!




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