Deploy Games In Minutes

Skip the infrastructure managament and deploy tens of gigabytes to the players in a matter of minutes.

Global Availability

Your game is automaticaly deployed to tens of PoPs all over the world, to be as close as possible to your players.

Instant Deployment

Deploy your game version with a single click or schedule a new release at the exact day and hour.

Smart Diff Building

The binary diff files are build automatically for every version you upload and between most popular releases.

Customer Panel

Upload, process and deploy your games without leaving the web browser.


Create multiple branches of your releases and deploy your releases with confidence.


Analyze the performance of your games along your players.


Invite your co-workers and work together on same projects.


Enable two-factor authentication to keep your account safe.

Command-Line Interface

Deploy new game releases directly from the command-line. Integrate PatchKit deployment with your existing workflow and with your continuous-integration system. Available for Windows, OSX and popular Linux distributions.


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