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    Dashboard Control Center

    One-Click Game Managament

    Unleash the Power of Seamless Game Deployment.

    Experience hassle-free game management with PatchKit's intuitive dashboard.

    Quick Registration

    Jump right in! Set up with PatchKit in just 17 seconds and kickstart your gaming journey without any delay.

    Effortless Game Deployment

    Deploy your game with ease. With our intuitive drag-and-drop interface, getting your game online is a breeze. No complications, just simplicity.

    Assured Deployments

    Experience the peace of mind with our deployment checks. PatchKit watches over potential issues, ensuring your game launches smoothly every time.

    Comprehensive Content Management

    Control your game's presentation. From visuals to announcements, tailor each detail to create a memorable player experience.

    Direct Sales Platform

    Monetize effortlessly. With integrated payment gateways and a zero commission promise, turn your gaming passion into profit.

    Data & Insights

    Stay informed. Track game downloads, user behaviors, and leverage insights to better cater to your player base.

    Team Collaboration

    Enhance team dynamics with role-based permissions. Collaborate effectively and bring your game to life as a united force.

    Dynamic Deployment Channels

    Deploy updates with confidence. Our channels ensure efficient rollout, saving you time and effort.

    Integration & Notifications

    Stay connected. From BetaHub integration to real-time notifications, PatchKit ensures you're always in the loop.

    Integration Capabilities

    Expand your horizons with PatchKit's integration capabilities. With seamless BetaHub integration, game testing is a breeze. Plus, with our webhook functionality, stay in sync with platforms like Slack, Discord, and Telegram, ensuring you're always in the loop.


    Exceptional support is just a click away. With our premium support offering, enjoy benefits like priority response, voice connectivity, and even screen sharing with our expert team. For any queries or issues, our contact form is always at your service.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I get started with PatchKit?

    Simply register on our platform, and you’ll be guided through the entire setup in just a few easy steps.

    Can I customize my game launcher?

    Absolutely! With PatchKit, customize your launcher or utilize our SDK for a tailored experience.

    Is there a limit to how many games I can manage?

    No, the ‘App Catalog’ allows you to manage a vast array of games with ease.

    What payment integrations are supported for sales?

    Currently, we support Stripe and PayPal for seamless transactions.

    How do I receive notifications about deployment status?

    You can opt for email notifications or utilize our webhook support to get updates on platforms like Slack, Discord, and Telegram.

    Can I collaborate with my team on PatchKit?

    Definitely! Our platform supports role-based permissions, allowing you to work seamlessly with your team.

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