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1 - The electron launcher is available for all subscribers of the Medium plan and above. Request enabling it on your account by contacting us.

0 A.D. game published and developed by Wildfire Games.
OpenTTD published and developed by OpenTTD team.
Alien Arena published and developed by COR Entertainment.
TeeWorlds published and developed by Teeworlds Team.

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Watch our short video demonstration showcasing one of our Launcher implementations for Cartel Tycoon by Moon Moose. The Launcher features game activation, user authentication, multi-language support, branch support, and more.

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(1) Uploaded files are stored for a limited time period. Your files will be kept confidential and encrypted. To persistently store your files, please create an account. This demo showcases the publishing process and integration of PatchKit API on third-party websites.

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