See how our launcher works for the end-user

1. Download the Launcher

All Platforms

0 A.D. game published and developed by Wildfire Games.
Warsow game developed by Warsow Team, published by Chasseur de Bots.

2. Install

Install the downloaded application as you usually would for your operating system. Please note that the downloaded file is not the game, but a launcher. The Launcher is meant to download the actual application's content, prepare and execute it. It's bundled for free with all PatchKit's apps.

3. Run it

Now sit back and relax. See how quickly our Launcher downloads and installs the game. After a few seconds, it's ready to be played!

* - Windows installation wizard has been compiled with Inno Setup.



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PatchKit comes with three different launchers. Each one has different functionality and purpose. You can learn more here.

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