See how PatchKit works for an end-user

Here's a demo of already published PatchKit's application. We're about to show you how an end-user may see your app if you decide to try PatchKit for your content distribution. For this purpose, we've used an open-source game called Warsow. We're not distributing an official or the newest release. That is just for demonstration purposes.

1. Download the Launcher for your operating system

All Platforms

2. Install

Install the downloaded application as you usually would for your operating system. Please note that the downloaded file is not the game, but a launcher. The Launcher is meant to download the actual application's content, prepare and execute it. It's bundled for free with all PatchKit's apps.

3. Run it

Now lay down and relax. See how quickly our Launcher downloads and installs the game. After a few seconds, it's ready to be played!

* - Windows installation wizard has been compiled with Inno Setup.



Why having Launcher matters?

The launcher is not only the thing that downloads the game. It's a bundled mechanism that makes sure that your player gets the latest version available as fast as possible with the help of binary delta algorithms. It also makes sure that the content of your application is valid at all times and it re-downloads it if not. The Launcher is also responsible for license verification and analytics.

Try it for yourself!

Working with PatchKit is easy. First, set up a free account, then log in and play with it for as long as you seem fit. See our Getting Started guide to get you up and running quickly, or read the Overview to take a closer look at how PatchKit works.

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