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    Dynamic Game Launcher

    Customizable & Auto-updating Game Launch Experience

    Launch Your Game with Power: Introducing PatchKit Launcher!

    Seamlessly integrate, customize, and manage your game launch with a feature-rich launcher tailored for modern developers.

    Key Features Overview

    High Customizability

    Tailor the launcher to fit your brand. Make your game stand out with a unique look and feel.

    Multi-Platform Support

    Support Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms. Ensure all your players can access your game, regardless of their operating system.

    Advanced Content Display

    Utilize the Chromium web engine for rendering. Offer a robust display with full HTML5 support.

    Integrated Payment Systems

    Embed payment options like PayPal and Stripe. Make transactions seamless and secure for your players.

    Community Integrations

    Connect easily with platforms like Steam and Epic Games Store. Enrich the player experience through seamless integration.

    Integrated Storefront & Multi-Game Support

    Turn your launcher into a complete storefront. Support multiple games and rival established platforms.

    Delta/Differential Patching

    Deliver only the changes since the last game version. Reduce update times and server loads for an enhanced player experience.

    User Analytics & Behavior Tracking

    Collect data on player interactions and habits. Use insights to improve the player experience and target promotions.

    Multi-Language Support

    Localize your launcher into multiple languages. Cater to a global audience while respecting cultural nuances.

    Customizability & Updates

    Craft a launcher that resonates with your game’s essence. Whether you prefer hands-on customization or professional assistance, we've got you covered.

    Order Our Customization Services

    Skip the technicalities and let our experts tailor the launcher to your needs. We'll arrange a call, provide a time & cost estimate, and craft the launcher that fits your vision.

    DIY Customization

    Choose between our easy-to-use Unity editor, SDK for Electron launchers, or our visual launcher builder. Benefit from comprehensive documentation and gain full control over your launcher's look and functionality.

    User Experience

    Offer your players a smooth onboarding with varied authentication methods, including OAuth2 and Web3. Facilitate easy installations and upgrades, all while ensuring your game performs optimally across multiple platforms.

    Experience it Firsthand on Your Desktop!

    Dive straight into the enhanced capabilities of our launcher without the fuss of creating an account. A straightforward download, a quick launch, and you're set. See for yourself why it stands out. Get started now!


    Other platforms

    0 A.D. game published and developed by Wildfire Games.
    OpenTTD published and developed by OpenTTD team.
    Alien Arena published and developed by COR Entertainment.
    TeeWorlds published and developed by Teeworlds Team.

    A Glimpse into the Player's Experience

    Curious about what players see? Dive into our video demonstration showcasing the seamless operation and user-friendly interface of our launcher, as experienced by real players. Witness the smooth gameplay transitions, rich features, and more.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I integrate my own authentication system with PatchKit?

    Absolutely! PatchKit’s flexible design allows for seamless integration with both popular and custom authentication systems.

    What does the whitelabel solution offer?

    Our whitelabel solution empowers you to brand the launcher fully as your own, providing a consistent and unique brand experience to your players.

    Is there any limit on the customization of the launcher?

    No, PatchKit offers unparalleled control, allowing developers to decide how file operations are handled and how the launcher logic operates.

    How does PatchKit handle updates?

    PatchKit ensures your launcher is always updated using Electron’s self-upgrade technology. Changes to frontend logic are instantly available to players, enhancing user experience.

    Can I really turn my launcher into something like Blizzard or Steam with PatchKit?

    Yes, with our ‘Multilauncher’ subscription plan, PatchKit empowers you to support multiple games and even establish your own storefront. It’s designed to provide developers the tools to create a central hub for their games, mirroring the experience of big-name platforms.

    How does PatchKit handle differential patching?

    PatchKit uses delta patching technology to identify and transmit only the changes made since the last version. This ensures that your players receive updates quickly and efficiently, reducing the amount of data transmitted and resulting in a smoother user experience.

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