PatchKit gets your content distributed in no time

PatchKit is a Game Distribution Service (Content Distribution Service for games). It’s a system that allows you to easily distribute your game to the players. You don’t need to learn anything new to get your game published. All you need to do concludes in these three steps:

  1. Set up an account
  2. Upload the game
  3. Click the publish button

These steps are enough to distribute your game to multiple servers all over the world along with delta files.

Forget about patching

PatchKit speeds up your development and release process by fully-automated version & delta building and file distribution mechanism. You no longer need to worry about creating and managing patch files by yourself. Just build your game using game engine of your choice and upload the result to PatchKit servers through the website. Our system takes care of everything else from there.

Upload your game’s content to PatchKit to publish your game. Your files will be processed and transferred around before delivering them to the players:

  1. Your game content is stored on our Storage Server.
  2. It is sent to the Version Processing Severs to build a distributable version file and delta file.
  3. Version file and delta file are stored back on the Storage Server.
  4. When published, version file and delta file are distributed to multiple distribution nodes.
  5. These files can now be downloaded by the players.
  6. Launcher applies downloaded version file to the local file system and now your new game version is ready to be played!

Game Launcher

With Game Launcher your players will be able to download, validate and play your game without a hustle. Launcher is an internal part of your game, it does not require a separate installation procedure or user registration.


  • Game downloading
  • Delta-based game upgrading
  • Files repairing
  • High-speed P2P + HTTP data transfers
  • Self-upgrades
  • Full customizability
  • Windows, OSX and Linux versions

Launcher will quickly download and install the game. It will make sure it is up-to-date on each run and if not, sync and apply the patch on locally installed content. If game content gets corrupted, it allows to verify it and re-download corrupted content.

If a new version of launcher is released, it will upgrade itself to the newest release. It’s fault-tolerant mechanism, so even if you accidentally publish a launcher version that is not starting, it will still upgrade itself when a new version will be released.

Build integration at reach

Connect PatchKit to your continuous integration server with Command-Line Tools and Unity Integration plugin (Coming Soon!). Save your time and publish your game version fast at any time with a single click. Your version will be built, uploaded, processed and distributed over our CDN network in minutes.

Don’t risk breaking your game! Our system validates your version content each time a new version is uploaded. If there’s something wrong with it, your new version file will be rejected and you will be notified about possible errors and solutions for them.

Optional DRM

PatchKit does not enforce any particular DRM on your game. Instead, you’re free to use any DRM of choice, or even make your game completely DRM-free!

You are able to generate as many license keys as you want and sell or give them away to your players. A valid license key enables to download and upgrade your product reasonable number of times. An overused key is automatically blocked to prevent spread of possible illegally re-distributed license keys.

On top of that, PatchKit allows deep integration via PatchKit API to prevent the game from running if a license key cannot be validated.


PatchKit team takes security matters very seriously. The infrastructure is strongly backed up by the industry-proven Amazon Web Services with auto-scaling feature set up to meet even the highest possible demand. Client’s game data is stored on encrypted S3 volumes. Distributed version files are custom-format, AES-encrypted data files.

There’s not a single point of failure - in the worst possible case when main PatchKit API servers go down, players will still be able to download and play their games due to non-centralized character of PatchKit service. By default, the game files are downloaded with the use of private P2P network and mirrors are discovered without a need for a centralized server. Game information is distributed to mirror nodes as well.

PatchKit supports a variety of game engines.

It’s not limited to game engines presented above. If you’re working on a game engine that is not listed here or if your game is built on custom-made game engine, you can still use PatchKit with all its features. If you encounter any issues, please contact us.

Try it out!

PatchKit is a great way to save your time and money. Sign up for a free account and try it out!

Still have questions?

We will be happy to answer all the questions you may have! Please reach us on contact@patchkit.net.

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