The Launcher

Don't worry about the infrastructure management and deploy tens of gigabytes to each player in a matter of minutes.


Easily customize the launcher look and feel without any limitations. It’s based on Chromium-engine, display news, websites and promote your other games inside your launcher!

Multiple Games Support

Publish multiple games at once with one launcher. Make sure that your players know about all of your games.

Built-In Analytics

Collect data about your players' activity and easily analyze it through a web interface. Know your audience.

User Accounts

Enable players to sign in and enjoy your games as authenticated individuals. Decide who owns which of your games.

Product Keys

Easily restrict your games and give access by sharing product keys to anyone who is interested.

Blazing Fast

Have your game installed while it is still downloading. Don't let the players wait. Upgrade to the latest release using binary diffs. Save the transfer and pay less.

Fail-Safe Architecture

Confidently deploy to users with weak connection or dubious desktop environments. Launcher expects things to go wrong, and takes proper countermeasures.


Build based on the most modern web engine to date with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Works on Windows, OSX, and Linux

Easily deploy to Windows, OSX, and Linux at once without worrying about platform differences.

Automated Content Distribution

Save time with automated content distribution. All you need to begin are your game files - zip it, upload, and let PatchKit do all the rest.

Easy Web Interface

Manage everything through the user-friendly web interface. Even your cat could do it... Probably.

Web Browser Uploads

Upload your apps via the web interface. You don't need to install any additional software on your PC.

CLI Tools

Manage and upload your games from the command line. Easily integrate it with your CI system.

Easy Deployment

Only one click is required to get your game online. That's definitely something your cat could do.

Worldwide Presence

Bring your game close to your players. Our POPs are located all over the world, ensuring the fastest download speeds.


Distribute your games using multiple distribution channels to stage your builds to a smaller group before the final release. Perfect for beta testing.


No need to manage your data. PatchKit builds all the meta files and binary difference patches for you, so you can focus on what matters most.


Securely distribute all of your data with industry-standard, secure AES encryption. Be safe.

User Collaboration

Assign collaborators and roles to your PatchKit account. Have control over who can access what.


Collect and analyze detailed launcher event data directly on the user panel. Know your audience.


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The PatchKit platform delivers your game to the players, and let you focus on the development.

Easy set-up. No credit card required.

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