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    Learn all the great features PatchKit offers!

    Deploy your game effortlessly

    Web Interface

    Manage game versions, work with your team and more through the easy-to-use web interface.


    Integrate with your game engine editor or CI system for seamless uploads.

    Fault-resistant Pipeline

    Validate files on multiple levels for worry-free uploads and publishing.

    Get your launcher


    Customize the launcher's interface using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

    Web2 and Web3 Authentication

    Authenticate users with Google, Facebook, GitHub or Web3 blockchain technology.

    DRM Support

    Secure your game with DRM technology to prevent unauthorized access.

    Build your community

    Top-tier CDN

    Deliver your game with Amazon CloudFront for best performance and reliability.

    Delta Patches

    Save players' bandwidth with delta patches, only delivering changes between versions.

    Segmented Checksums

    Verify game files quickly with segmented checksums, without redownloading.

    Top-tier user experience


    Keep players up-to-date with automatic updates.

    Windows, OSX, and Linux Support

    Deploy your game to Windows, OSX and Linux all at once.

    Rock-solid Architecture

    Rely on PatchKit's secure and reliable technologies for your game.


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