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More than a CDN

PatchKit is a CDN that was created for distribution of big content like games or multimedia applications. It is based on P2P technology, in the use of which a high load is actually a good thing.

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  • Fast HTTP Delivery

    PatchKit is based on fast, reliable, and battle-proven CDN network that will deliver your files to your users instantly.

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  • Inteligent Hosting

    In opposite to traditional CDNs, PatchKit is aware of the content it is storing. With that information it can effectively optimize distribution algorithms.

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  • Cloud Patching

    All patch files are built in the cloud. Focus on development, leave all the rest to us.

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  • Secure

    Everything that is distributed with PatchKit is using strong AES encryption with unique decryption keys. Your account can be secured by two-factor authentication method.

  • Spike Guard

    Protects your budget from exceeding your desired quota. Pay the same amount up to 300% of your upper limit.

    Easy to start with

    Don't waste your time on learning too many things. PatchKit keeps it simple, so you can get started right away.

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  • Evaluation Period

    Register for free and evaluate PatchKit for as long as you want, with no commitments. No credit card required!

  • Free for Indies & Students

    If you're an indie developer or a student, you can use PatchKit for free for as long as you want with additional features!

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  • Automated Builds

    PatchKit integrates into your build pipeline for fast and easy distribution. Just upload your app content to our servers and we will take care of the rest.

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  • Console Tools

    Upload your apps's content fast from the command-line on Windows, Mac or Linux. A delta file is prepared locally so publishing a new version can be even faster!

    Patcher included

    A big part of PatchKit is its desktop application - the Patcher (application launcher). It's an integral part of each application. Makes sure to install and keep it up to date at all times.

  • Customizable Patcher

    You're allowed to download project files, customize and upload your own patcher to our service. Patcher is created in Unity, with the use of Unity UI technology. It's easy to start with and customize.

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  • Multiplatform

    Do not limit yourself to a single operating system. Our Patcher works great on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux distributions.

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  • Fault-Tolerant architecture

    Our service is designed to be fault-tolerant at every point of distribution process. Our launcher software have implemented multiple fallbacks procedures in case of unexpected failures (connection issues, anti-virus software intervention or broken files).

  • White-Label

    By default a patcher (even custom one) displays a PatchKit logo. White-label feature allows you to get rid of it. Make it fully yours.

  • License keys support

    Allows you to give access to your applications only to those who own license keys. It's a simple, effective and non-intrusive solution to get started.

    Version Management

    PatchKit Panel is an easy and powerful solution for managing your applications, versions, and releases.

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  • Easy Interface

    PatchKit comes with the intuitive web interface with in-line documentation. There's no need to learn it beforehand.

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  • Web Browser Uploads

    You don't need any additional software to upload your application files. Just zip it together then drag & drop it to our upload form.

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  • Version Change Logs

    Every version consists of changes description. During the patching procedure, your users can learn what's new and essential.

  • Distribution Channels

    Share different releases of your application with different groups of people. Make unstable versions be published to smaller audiences first.

  • Patcher Customization

    Change patcher icon, labels, banner, and colors directly from the web panel. There's no need to build a custom one.

  • Strong LZMA2 Compression

    Reduce the size of your downloadable packages by ~30%. Get your players to download your application faster.

  • We would like to share your browsing habits on our site with Google, Heap Analytics, and MouseFlow to better undestand how to improve our services.

    These data will be deleted after 26 months. You can withdraw permission at any time in Privacy section settings.