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    Visual Launcher Builder

    Create, Customize, & Deploy Game Launchers Seamlessly

    Unveiling the Future of Game Distribution

    Experience PatchKit's visual editor - redefine how you create and manage game launchers.

    Effortless Launcher Creation


    Design your launcher from any device, OS, using just a browser.


    No need for programming expertise. Ideal for game designers.

    WYSIWYG editor

    Witness live changes and ensure your launcher looks perfect.

    Versatile Templates

    Choose, customize, and go live without a fuss.

    Seamless Updates

    Revamp and modify with ease, anytime.

    Secure Storage

    Your data is safely housed on Amazon's data center.

    Feature-Rich Experience

    Cloud Capabilities

    Resume and continue your work across different devices.

    Optimal Loading

    Store your assets on our cloud for unmatched loading speeds.

    Version Control

    Effortlessly revert or move between saved versions.

    Dynamic Styling

    Style interactions including hover, active states and more.

    State Preview

    Fine-tune the display by simulating launcher states.

    Continual Growth & Development

    We're on a relentless quest for improvement. We frequently roll out updates and actively address any bug reports to give you the best experience.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is this a paid feature?

    No, the visual editor is available without any limitations to all PatchKit users on all subscription plans.

    Is there a limit to how many launchers I can create?

    No, with PatchKit you can create as many launchers as you need for your games.

    Can I create multiple games launcher with the visual editor?

    No, currently the visual editor is limited to a single launcher per game.

    I don't have any experience with programming, can I still use the visual editor?

    Yes, the visual editor is designed to be used by anyone, regardless of their programming experience.

    I do have some experience with programming, can I use it to create launchers?

    Yes, you can use the visual editor to create a launcher, but you should also consider using our SDK to create a custom launcher.

    How secure is my data with PatchKit?

    Your data is securely stored on Amazon’s data center, ensuring top-tier security and reliability.

    Need Assistance?

    Our experts are here to help. Whether you have a question, need advice or want to discuss possibilities, we’re eager to assist you!

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    Diverse Applications with PatchKit

    Game Marketplaces

    Perfect for hosting a multitude of games and apps.

    Early Access Releases

    Be it closed or open early access, PatchKit has you covered.

    Self-publishing Channel

    Become the sole distributor or use it as an additional channel.

    Educational Games & Simulators

    From learning tools to realistic simulators, PatchKit delivers.

    Community-Centered Launchers

    Craft launchers that resonate with your gaming community.

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