CLI Power Tools

Seamless Integration for Faster Uploads

Unveiling PatchKit's Command-Line Tools

Secure, efficient, and feature-packed game uploads at your fingertips.

Game Uploading, Redefined

Seamless Uploads

Upload your game securely with end-to-end encryption through a user-friendly command line tool.

Advanced Version Control

Rollback features using previous versions as import sources and daily notifications for updates.

Broad Compatibility

Supports Windows, macOS, and Linux with a hassle-free setup.

Integration & Authenticity

Unity Direct Upload

Seamless integration and uploads directly from Unity with our built-in Unity plugin.

API-Key Authentication

Boosted security with API-key authentication for a secure game upload experience.

Empowering Diverse Scenarios

Optimized for CI/CD Pipelines

Automate your game builds and deployments as part of your Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment setups. Streamline your release process and ensure consistent and regular updates.

Rapid Desktop Deploys

Accelerate your game’s time to market. Directly deploy updates from your desktop to the world, bypassing cumbersome processes.

Unity Integration for Seamless Uploads

With the built-in Unity plugin, bridge the gap between your game's development and its deployment. Integrate and upload directly without leaving the Unity environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any encryption during game uploads?

Yes, we provide end-to-end encryption to ensure your game builds are securely uploaded.

How can I rollback to a previous game version?

You can rollback by using the previous version as a version import source, ensuring seamless transitions.

Questions or Unique Requirements?

Our team of experts is here to help. Share your specifics and let's tailor your game distribution strategy.

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