There are several important reasons for using PatchKit for distributing and updating your game.

Ultra fast game distribution

With fast PatchKit delivery network and its partnering CDN services your game will be delivered to the players at top speed in a matter of minutes or even seconds!

Fully customizable game launcher

Once the game is downloaded, players do not have to take any additional steps, it’s ready to be played! When the game starts, fully customizable launcher checks if the player has the latest version of the game. If the game has already been installed, it downloads and applies a delta file instead. This mechanism ensures blazing fast process of updating your game, saving your players’ bandwidth and your money.

Complete access control

Stay in control over who and when receives the access your game by enabling the license keys feature. Generate as many keys as you want, monitor usage and block any key at will (it is great for creating collections of keys for temporary usage). Also, PatchKit automatically blocks license keys that could have been published without your authority.

Simple to use

Zip your game files, drop it directly into PatchKit game version upload form and you’re done! It’s really that simple. Don’t worry about things like packaging, checksums, metadata, delta files building, encryption, distribution, prefetching or load balancing.

Stable and reliable

PatchKit is built on top of the Amazon Web Services which is known of its high availability and security standards, trusted by many. What is more, PatchKit delivery network consists of multiple delivery methods such as P2P delivery and many other partnering CDN networks. This eliminates any single point of failure that might appear in our architecture, making sure it is always available.

Fully white label

Make your own, truly professional game distribution channel. PatchKit is fully transparent, it does not require players to create a PatchKit account, so they will not need to visit PatchKit’s website to download your game. Make it fully yours!

Business model freedom

In Patchkit we are focusing on delivering your game to the players. The only thing we charge for is service usage mainly based on data transfers and additional features you’d be interested in. You are free to choose any payment processing service and any type of business model you like without additional costs.