If you are here, you probably got interested in using PatchKit for game distribution. Let us present you why our service might be an excellent solution for you.

You need to keep your game files up to date

The easiest way to distribute a game is to share it using a zip file or as a static game installer, but then what? If a new version of your game is released, you need to ask your players to upgrade it manually. What if this is not an option, or you do not necessarily want to stick to any of the popular game distribution platforms?

PatchKit comes with an excellent, lightweight solution. Each game distributed with PatchKit is automatically bundled with a small Launcher application. It's install-free, fully-customizable component that starts before your game does. Its purpose is to make sure that:

  1. Your game will be downloaded and installed on player’s device.
  2. Your game will get any updates when available.
  3. All game files will be in-place and valid. Corrupted files will be fixed immediately.

The Launcher is built with reliability and performance in mind, so upgrading your game from version A to version B could be fast and fault-tolerant. What’s more, it becomes a part of your game, so the player is not asked to install any additional software or register any accounts.

You want to share your content directly with your players

Today's world of digital gaming is monopolized by the major game distribution platforms. They're a great solution for many developers, but what if you need a way to share your game content directly with your players, to have full control over your distribution model? Your options might be limited.

PatchKit is a solution that gives you total freedom of how you'd like to share your content. All we do is ensure that your players can play the latest version of your game, we don't care about your business model. We’re not a publisher, and we won’t take a cut of your profits. Do whatever you believe will be the best for you.

Think of PatchKit as of a backend for any game platform. What users see is a frontend, the interface. Everything that happens under the surface is done by PatchKit.

You're looking for something easy to use

Many game patching solutions on the market require from you a good portion of knowledge before you can do anything with it. Usually, with the help of documentation, you have to set up a server to store your game files and install server scripts. Then, on each game release, you may need to perform multiple difficult steps to publish your new game files. It can be a painful and error-prone process. Servers need to be maintained as well - always up to date with the latest security patches set up correctly so nobody could break in and compromise your game files. I In such case hiring a qualified server administrator just for that purpose might be a necessary solution.

PatchKit is a service built with simplicity in mind. Publishing a new version would frequently require zipping your game files and sending it through our web upload form. Our algorithms will perform several security checks against your game files. When something looks suspicious, you will be notified about a possible mistake so you can react before making it.

On top of that, you don’t need to host any of the servers by yourself. All of your game files are hosted on our fast, secure and reliable endpoint nodes all over the world, and are maintained by a prominent group of security specialists and administrators.

You need something secure

PatchKit's team takes security very seriously. Most of our application's code is hosted by industry-leading Amazon Web Services known for their reliability and security. All your game files are stored on encrypted storages and delivered using AES-encrypted file streams. Due to our strong, hash-checking algorithm, no file can be altered by an unauthorized person without raising the alarm.

Your PatchKit account information is stored in our database that meets top security standards, including strong password encryption and regular security audits. On top of that, your account can be set-up with TOTP-based two-factor authentication method.

You expect it to be fast

PatchKit network is built on top of a private P2P network, what makes it a truly unique files distribution solution on the market. Thanks to it, PatchKit scalability does not have any limits and it is immune to periodically high demands for content.

For the players that for some reasons are not allowed to use a P2P network (like schools), PatchKit Launcher can immediately detect a connection issue and switch it to standard HTTP protocol. Thanks to this algorithm, your game will be reachable even on the very strict networks.

PatchKit can be integrated with 3rd party CDNs like CloudFlare or CDN77 (more integrations are coming soon.)

You’re looking for something reliable

We understand how important for the publishers is to make it able to download, install and play the game at any time possible. PatchKit is successfully serving over 1,000 games to over 10,000,000 players in the world, with the uptime of 99.998%. It's backed up by P2P-based distribution protocol and AWS-based fallback services. Our Launcher is hardcoded with backup read-only API host that provides all the data required to download the game, even if all of our most important servers are down.

Our Launcher is designed to be fault-tolerant. Even if the player corrupts your game files, it can recover it by re-downloading the missing files in a matter of seconds. Any operation has a fallback procedure implemented in case of unexpected failure.

Your game is big

Many solutions on the market work fine with smaller games but may encounter problems when game includes 5, 15 or even 50 GB of content. Players are getting impatient very quickly, so it’s crucial to pick a solution that can handle such amount of data.

Our Launcher is optimized for big games. No matter how big your game is, it will be installed and updated as fast as possible. Algorithms are chosen to base on the actual game size to find the best approach to complete the task.

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