Whitelabel Integration

Integration with your existing application

Elevate Your Game with PatchKit.

Experience seamless game distribution with unmatched flexibility.

Unrivaled White-label Integration

Full Brand Control

Your brand, your vision. No compromises.

Customizable Themes

Make the platform look and feel truly yours.

Seamless Player Experience

No hiccups, just smooth gameplay.

Monetization & Security

Monetization Tools

Integrated solutions with Stripe and PayPal for smooth transactions.

Advanced Security Measures

Industry-leading standards, ensuring peace of mind for developers and players alike.

PatchKit API

Tailored for flexibility and control, empowering you to directly upload game builds, integrate your launcher, and even facilitate game version rollbacks.

Javascript Builds Uploader Widget

A dynamic library for web integration, allowing application establishment, direct uploads to PatchKit, and crafting of bespoke game upload pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does PatchKit improve game distribution?

PatchKit simplifies the complex challenges of self-distribution, including hosting, delivery, user experience, version control, and license management.

What's the advantage of the white-label integration?

White-labeling ensures a seamless experience for players under your brand, boosting trust & credibility.

Want a Deeper Dive?

Our experts are here to guide, answer your questions, and assist in maximizing PatchKit for your needs.

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Diverse Applications of PatchKit

Game Marketplaces

Perfect for hosting a variety of games, providing both developers and players a seamless experience.

Educational Games

Distribute and update educational content with ease, ensuring learners always have access to the latest resources.

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