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Where top-tier technology meets comprehensive global support.

Tired of Middle-Manning Launcher Support?

Direct, Efficient, and Expert Player Support by PatchKit.

Why Developers Rely on PatchKit

Direct Communication

Eliminate the stress of being the middle-man. PatchKit handles all launcher-related issues directly with players.

Swift Problem Resolution

Reduces player frustration as we swiftly address and resolve all launcher-related queries without dragging developers into the loop.

Cost and Efficiency

Avoid the financial and time cost of communicating issues back and forth. With PatchKit, developers focus on their game while we handle the launcher.

Player-Centric Support

Expert Support Team

Our dedicated team has extensive training and experience with the PatchKit launcher, ensuring your players get the best support.

Multilingual Assistance

We offer support in multiple languages, reaching out to players worldwide.

Game Launch Support

Expecting high-volume queries during game launches or updates? We're prepared.

Efficient Player Support Mechanism

Don't let launcher issues hinder your players' experience. Our specialized team is trained to handle PatchKit launcher-specific issues, ensuring swift resolutions and happier players.

Scenarios Where We Excelled

Game Launch Surges

Our adept handling of surges in support queries during prominent game launches is testament to our reliability.

Multilingual Support Challenges

When a game expanded to new regions, we stepped up, offering comprehensive multilingual support.

Tailoring Services To Your Needs

Customized Reports

Receive detailed reports, monthly or as per your preference.

Integration Expertise

Seamless synchronization with your existing systems, be it Discord, Zendesk, or others.

Training & Webinars

Equip your team with specialized sessions to understand the PatchKit launcher better.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly does your team respond to support tickets?

Our average response time is 4 hours, but with priority support options, this can be even quicker.

Are the support reports customizable?

Yes, we offer customizable reports tailored to your needs, be it monthly or any other preferred frequency.

What about the security of our game data?

Security is paramount for us. We employ robust measures to ensure the utmost protection of your game’s data and player information.

Ready to Elevate Your Support Game?

Unlock unparalleled player support with PatchKit. Talk to an expert, tailor your plan, and take the friction out of your launcher-related support. This is your primary portal to get started.

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