PatchKit and EQU8 Partnership

Piotr Korzuszek

15 April 2021

Have you already heard about EQU8? If you still haven’t, then I’m sure that it’s a great opportunity to learn more about their interesting product, because we’re happy to announce that PatchKit and EQU8 are now partners!

EQU8 is a set of tools to protect, analyze and act on the community behavior in video games. Besides the analytics about session times, returning and new players, and so on, EQU8 also provides reports on players who are cheating or being toxic to other players. It’s fully automated, so as you implement it, it just works! And you can test it for free for up to 100 CCU. If you’d like to learn more about this magnificent tool, click here.

We believe that the tools like EQU8 are a natural choice for the developers creating multiplayer games that are using PatchKit. Therefore, from now on when you register to any of our pricing plans, you will receive a 10% discount code for EQU8 in your mail. Enjoy! :)


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