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Dynamic content

Support for dynamic content managed directly from the dashboard, thanks to the power of Chromium Web Engine.

News Feed

Keep the players engaged by feeding them of the newest and incoming events.


Display screenshots and videos, playable directly from the launcher. Manage the media list directly from the dashboard.

Fast download and installation in parallel

Don't make the player wait - games installed by Patchkit Launcher are playable as soon as they are downloaded. The installation is performed in parallel in the background so that it is difficult to tell that there's something more going under the hood.

Cartel Tycoon Launcher

Player authentication

Decide whether or not the player should have the access to your content.


Authenticate the player using OAuth2 protocol. The launcher supports any OAuth2-compatible authentication method such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.

Player Accounts

Allow players to set up player accounts. Keep the player database on your end and manage your community effectively.

Geopoly Launcher

Web3 support

PatchKit Launcher supports Web3 features by integrating with software cryptocurrency wallets like MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet used to interact with the blockchain.


Users can be authenticated with their wallets thanks to web3.js integrated within the launcher.

NFT & Tokens

Fetch wallet content, verify ownership of tokens, and access specific apps, games, or other items from within the launcher.

Internationalization support

Translate the Launcher to multiple languages to reach an audience all over the world. The PatchKit Launcher supports any language, right-to-left text writing, and any kind of fonts that a web browser can handle.

Cartel Tycoon Launcher

Customizable release notes

Display from within the Launcher what has been changed in your latest game release. Allow browsing changelogs from previous releases as well.

Cartel Tycoon Launcher


PatchKit is completely transparent to the end-user. Customize and publish it under your brand.

Built-in Analytics

Collect detailed usage data from all your users. Browse it in the PatchKit panel or fetch the raw data for further analysis.


Keep your players updated. Release new launcher builds and rest assured that all of the users will receive it in the next run.

Optional DRM

Authenticate with a custom external API, ask to provide a product key or make it DRM-free. The choice is yours.

Any number of games

Distribute any number of games with a single Launcher. It doesn't matter if you have one game or hundredths. Utilize your player base!

Chromium web engine

Based on the Chromium web engine, enabling you heavy customization with any modern web technology on the market. Send news to your players via Launcher!

Fail-safe architecture

Works great even in poor network environments and low-end clients. All the data transfer is done over HTTP and HTTPS.


Download and install large games in a matter of minutes. The game is playable when downloaded.

Do you need a custom launcher?

Every new PatchKit account comes with a default launcher free of charge. Additionally, we offer outsourcing services to build a quality, fully-featured, and highly customized launcher to your needs.

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