A CDN with games in mind

Piotr Korzuszek

02 October 2016

At PatchKit, we offer a high-quality CDN specifically designed with games in mind, rather than being a marketplace like some other platforms. This difference sets us apart and offers additional features you won’t find in other general-purpose CDNs. Here are just a few of those features:

Content versioning


Unlike other applications, games need to be frequently updated, and since game files are usually larger than other types of software, this requires a unique approach. With PatchKit, you can use binary difference files (patches) to upgrade your application while we handle the entire process for you. No need to worry about creating a single patch - just submit your file content, zip it, and we’ll do the rest. If your game is particularly large or you have a slower internet connection, you can use PatchKit Tools to save your bandwidth and time by creating a binary diff locally and sending it back to us.```

Distribution channels

Perhaps you don’t want to send the newest version of your game directly to your players, but rather have a group of beta testers who can ensure everything is working smoothly. With PatchKit, you can create multiple distribution channels, allowing specified groups of users to download the game at a specific version.

Individual Patcher Application


Unlike other platforms, PatchKit doesn’t require the installation of any third-party software. Instead, we build a patcher application individually for your game. The patcher is a small, portable executable with one purpose - to get your game installed at the latest version. If a new version of your game is released, the patcher will upgrade it automatically.

Our patcher application source code is available on GitHub, and if you’re familiar with Unity, you can customize it as you please and even use a fully customized version instead of the default one. Check out the docs for more information on customization.

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