What's new in Patcher 3.16

Piotr Korzuszek

04 September 2019

We’ve just released the Patcher, and it’s available for all PatchKit users since day one! If you’re not using custom patchers, all of your players should get the new patcher on the next run. If you do, we highly recommend upgrading it as soon as possible.

There are several things that make this release important. Since there were multiple patcher releases in the last couple of weeks, I will write about it in a single blog post.

Better installation performance

This particular thing has been progressively applied in all of the latest versions. The installation code has been split into several threads, giving up to 40% of performance gain on multi-core systems. Moreover, the time needed to apply small patches can be now 10x shorter than it was before. The new algorithm is making better use of multiple CPU cores and is more aware of the hard drive throughput.

Better fault-resistance

There’s plenty of things that can go wrong during the downloading and patching procedure. Most of these are caused by the untypical setup of the software, hardware, and Internet connection. By collecting error reports, doing interviews with our great customers, and even connecting with the players, we were able to improve the new Patcher fault-resistance. It’s worth mentioning that OSX users should no longer be affected by the “Need more disk space” issue.

A brief of other improvements

  • Upgraded the Unity project to 2018.4
  • Chinese, Japanese and Korean glyphs support
  • Better progress bar behavior for bigger games
  • “Need more disk space” error message now prints the required space in gigabytes.
  • Will no longer remove the content on upgrade.
  • Offline mode improvements

You may find a full list of changes on these GitHub links:

Custom Patcher users may find the installation instructions on Custom Patcher documentation page.

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