PatchKit Unity Editor Extension is here!

Tomasz Jaworski

15 January 2019

What if I told you, there is an Unity extension that allows you to publish your game directly from the Unity Editor? Sounds awesome, right?

We know that the most precious asset of our developers is time. More time you spend on programming, desigining or testing your game, it gets better. That’s why, we delegated our engineering team to create an Unity extension, that would save you even more of your the most valuable asset. After a couple weeks of development, we’re here to present it for you.


Every extension / tool requires a bit of the time for the configuration. So does ours - but even here, we’ve made it as simple as it’s possible. It comes to only three steps:

  1. Import the package with extension (you can download it from GitHub).
  2. Link your PatchKit account through API Key (don’t worry, it is only saved on our machine - it won’t be distrubited to your VCS repository)
  3. Connect your application

… and you’re ready to go!


As stated before, we aim to save as much of your time, as we can. That’s why, our Unity Editor extension enables you to upload and publish your game, just in one click.

To begin, simply open the dialog through “Tools / PatchKit / Build and Upload” menu.

Of course, we need some of the information about the version you want to publish, like:

  • label
  • changelog

After inserting them, you are able to click “Build & Upload” button. When you do it - it’s all set! You can relax, and wait until a new version of your game is available for your players.

We need your feedback!

As this is an initial release of this extension, we are open to any feedback and suggestions. If you think that we can improve it, just let us know - we’ll consider it for sure!

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